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The ELECTION may be over, but I am not!

Priority Policy Issues

If elected, I will advocate strongly for Social, Economic, and Political issues by:


--Supporting Women and Children in Distress programs.

--Promoting and Legislating for LGBTQ+ Rights and Marriage Equality.

--Respecting Pro-Choice between a woman and her doctor.

--Promoting Animal rights and programs that link older, abandon or abused pets with senior citizens for companionship.

--Supporting NextGen ("Z" & "Millennials") policy input and support.

--Promoting a 'Hand-Up Approach' for Lower-Income class, impoverish and the Homeless, Foster Care children, plus fight for the Middle-Class who carry the Nation.

--Supporting of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

--Improving Healthcare Access & Convenience for Veterans,  HIV+ Patients and At-Home Care for the Elderly.

--Establishing and streamlining national level Foster Care program for children that enables stable families / couples / individuals to include LGBTQ+ community to adopt. Re-assess adoption procedures that enable older children transparency in selecting participating registered individuals / couples or families for consideration. Set up Foster Care children for success in life training programs, education and vocational.   

--Establishing public awareness programs that help guide those about to go through life changing experiences such as homelessness or single prospective mothers  who need simple guidance, advice and a 'Hand Up' during a period where one may feel overwhelmed and in a state of shock.

--Promoting best teaching practices from Harvard / Yale down to K-12 levels.


--Staying within budget, begin reducing NATO contribution equal to Allies' GDP from 3.7% [$222 B] to 2% of GDP [$120 B], United Nations contribution from $22 B to $10 B equal almost to Japan and China contribution, Foreign aid from $50 B to $20 B, and contributions to Ukraine equal to allies. Additionally, reduce Government budget by cutting15% across the board [$800 B], excluding Soc Sec /Medicare /Medicaid for an estimated total savings of nearly $1 Trillion. 

--Enhancing counter fraud efforts that costing U.S tax payers as much as $662 B (2021) annually in theft. SBA lost $4.5 B alone. The US Government loses $1.67 B annually to waste, fraud and abuse. 

--Reducing proliferation of U.S. technology and 'knowledge' to China.


--Legislating for Corporate Tax reform to pay reasonable share. Eliminate income tax collected below $24,000 single or $30,000 for a couple and impose no more than 3% Excise Tax Reform at point of sale on all food, goods and services up to include big ticket items on the first $7,500 that would even capture revenue from illegal / undocumented workers. Homeless Americans to be exempted. Rent and Mortgage to be exempt. 

--Earmarking more funding toward national debt than just 10% paying interest only, but actually paying down debt.

--Re-establishing energy independence, but gradually move toward common-sense renewable energy.


--Pushing for critical infrastructure projects and enhance Supply Chains. 

--Promoting urban low-income farming.

--Promoting Economic Hub-Zone Opportunities for Low-Income areas and Minorities.

--Promoting U.S. exports.


--Promoting realistic Climate Change policies based on Science not Politicized Science.

--Placing Moratorium on Price Gouging  by curbing the soaring rate of annual Increases to 5% on rent, HOA  and condo fees, plus expedite more affordable housing and Section 8 assistance.


--Reduce property taxes and insurance to help drive down rate increases imposed on property owners. No "Cherry Picking" on insurance coverage provided within states. Limited Liability limits beyond property damage should be reasonably considered.

--Requiring new apartment constructions to designate 15% of units toward affordable housing. Support government acquisition of dilapidated housing complexes to be upgraded and support affordable housing efforts.

--Working with business leaders (Visionaries) of SOFLO to promote year-round stable economic prosperity and higher paying jobs. Streamline operational red tape and government intervention as needed.


--Bringing jobs related to high technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and renewable energy back to U.S. and Florida.

--Creating earn-to-learn jobs and welfare without penalty to work programs.


--Forming NATO style alliances in Africa and in the Middle East. Seek the formation of a coalition of non-NATO forces in the Afghan Region to counter China aggression and terrorism threats.

--Continuing support of Israel as a strong ally in the Middle East, but continue working with Honorable Islamic countries in good faith.


--Securing the U.S. border to include use of covert action and take away incentives that encourage illegal migration.


--Enhancing Intelligence Community & DoD collection and war fighting capabilities. 

--Enhancing programs that weed out Money Laundering from our financial institutes that support narcotics and terror organizations.


--Investing in R&D programs of 'Hypersonic' offensive / defensive / counter technologies and Space-based defenses.

--Creating here in District 23 and SOFLO a matrix of cutting-edge connecting technologies that will make SOFLO the 'MECCA' of US National Defense and Clean Energy production.

--Creating a school and community safety joint programs               [combining input from FEMA / DoD / FBI / CIA / US Secret Service] that is webinar based 'secured' training. The intent is to assist local Law Enforcement (ONLY) in developing contingencies to Deny, Disrupt, Denigrate, and Destroy / Mitigate threats using Risk and Threat Assessments and Management in concert with Contingency Planning / Operations and Exercises. DoD elements in concert with FEMA can assess planning effectiveness.

--Developing and funding state 'Mass Casualty Rapid Response Teams' in support of School and Community Safety Programs.

--Enhancing Red-Flag laws and legislate for promoting gun safety and common-sense laws, while preserving 2nd Amendment Rights.

--Strongly supporting the 2nd Amendment Rights.

--Promoting Consumer Rights and Protections.

--Reining in abuse by Banking industries regarding Mortgage Foreclosures.


--Creating State registry of abusive practices by property managers and landlords to be held accountable and stripped of license just as a doctor or attorney would be barred from practicing.


--Require private residences renting out more than two units to obtain Real-estate and Business license.


--Require Business and Real-estate licenses to be posted prominently on website and at physical address of office (not Post Office Box) with Photo of licensee(s).

--Promoting Judicial Reform, Fund Law Enforcement and providing additional training.

--Promoting legislation protecting Americans' Civil Rights and Liberties against FISA Abuses by the Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement (DOJ).

--Enhancing Whistleblower Protections and enforcing existing laws as the Wartime Suspension of Limitations and No FEAR Acts through budgetary fines and / or imprisonment of persons in authority responsible for the abuse.

Priority on Issues
Stance on Issues
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