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FL. Dist. 23 Candidate's Reply to QAnon Rubbish as “All Bunkum & Balderdash!”

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

“Non-Party Affiliate [QAnon] Candidate's 'Strategy’ at Avoiding Elimination during August Primary is to play Political Chameleon to Mask True Loyalties”

Captured screen shot from Christine Scott's 2020 campaign website.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 -- Florida District #23 Congressional Independent Candidate Mark Napier does not mince words when responding to adversarial NPA (Non-Party Affiliate) Candidate Christine Scott’s recent allegations. On two separate occasions Scott has publicly accused Napier of not being eligible to run for office.

Napier notes that Scott's ‘rubbish’ is not just inaccurate, deliberately misleading, and false; but not even substantiated. Napier is referring to Scott's own campaign website that primarily makes the unfounded allegation under her 'Blog' page titled: "15 Candidates in District 23’s Royal Rumble!" Napier's response to Scott was simple and to the point: “All Bunkum and Balderdash!"....."I am not just qualified, but I have been confirmed to date (22 July 2022) five times from three different sources—Florida Division of Elections (three times), a nonpartisan Florida media element (Florida Politics) and even the Federal Elections Commission.” Napier speculates that…”Scott's 'strategy' is to steer clear of competing with and being eliminated early on during the upcoming Primary Election on August 23rd, by running as an NPA 'Political Chameleon' masking her true QAnon loyalties to make it to the General Election in November." Scott's other campaign website denotes: “Christine is registered as a No Party Affiliate. She answers to the People, not a party,” but then uses the famous QAnon phrase: “Where We Go One, We Go All!” Even Scott’s questionnaire for 2020 and 2022 reflects how she looks up to former President Donald Trump. Numerous internet articles from 2020 and 2022 like "The QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2022 | Media Matters for America" lists Christine Scott as QAnon. Scott also has an account profile name of "MzzQ" on the social media networking service identified as GAB. GAB is identified as a microblogging and social network service known for its "far right" user-base of QAnon supporters. Napier says he had originally sought to assist in Scott’s campaign as she was listed--at first glance--as a NPA that is commonly affiliated with being Independent. However, during Napier’s first meeting with Scott in October 2021, Napier quickly suspected something was 'off-kilter' with Scott’s way of thinking. Napier says…”That is when and why I decided to politely cut bait.” “Since the age of 18, I [Napier] have always been registered as an Independent and assess the person, not their party." Following the ‘Great Recession of 2009,’ Napier was left chronically homeless for five years and became inactive as a voter. In 2015, Napier pulled himself off the streets using perseverance and fortitude and now seeks.... "The Impossible Dream"

Napier, nor Scott will be involved in the Primaries, but will instead face off with the Primary winners of each party during the General Election on 8 November.

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